The Circadian Wellness Audit Program 

A Lighting Evaluation Program Designed To Promote Better Wellness

Glow Up!

Did you know we spend more than 90% of our time indoors under lighting that contributes to brain fog, midday sleepiness, and nighttime restlessness? What if your lighting could improve your health and wellness?

A Naturally Brilliant Solution

It’s not just about getting more light. We need the right type of light at different times of the day to maximize our health, productivity, and well-being. BIOS SkyBlue™ spectrum is available in a comprehensive portfolio of lighting products to meet the needs of any application and maximize the health impact of your lighting.

Upgrade Your Customers Lighting

• Support daytime alertness and focus

• Support daytime alertness and focus

• Reduce brain fog and midday sleepiness

• Contribute to better nighttime sleep quality

• Maintain brilliant light quality and energy efficiency

 Circadian Wellness Audit Benefits

BIOS has launched a first-of-its-kind circadian lighting evaluation program designed to upgrade your lighting, focusing on health and wellness, circadian response, as well as energy efficiency.

Get Trained To Be A BIOS Certified Circadian Wellness Auditor

As a BIOS Certified Circadian Wellness Auditor you will become a biological expert in lighting through our training program and you will be provided with a tool kit that will help you to successful create spaces, providing simple, cost-effective, and energy efficient lighting options to bring wellness to your customers space. As an Auditors you will survey your existing lighting and provide a lighting solution that restores the vital blue sky nutrients we need to feel, think, and sleep better.

What Tools Do You Need For Training?

  • Hand Held Spectrometer
  • Purchase SkyView Kit*

*After 10th SkyView sold, auditor will recieve a complimentary SkyView 

To get started on the process, please fill out the application form below!

What your customers can expect during a circadian audit?

1. 1-hr in-person assessment of your space with BIOS Certified Auditor.

2. Review  your lighting scorecard with auditor. 

3. Auditor will provide recommendations for healthier , cost-effective, and energy efficient lighting.